The entire silk range from White Lotus is cruelty free Peace Silk. This curated range enables you to get the phenomenal benefits of silk whilst having peace of mind. White Lotus first brought the concept of Anti Aging Silk for skin and hair almost two decades ago to the world.

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    5 products

    Silk originates in China. Legend has it that a princess was sitting under a mulberry tree and a silk cocoon fell from the tree into her tea and began to unravel. This revelation of the fine threads of raw silk led to China becoming the world’s exclusive producer of silk. 

    It was not until many centuries later that the secret of Chinese silk was snuck out of the country to Japan. It was from here that the cocoons were later exported to Europe thus starting the modern world of silk production.

    The ancient Chinese believed that silk was far more than a pretty material. They saw it as a genuinely useful beauty tool.

    When silk is applied against the skin it forms a protective moisture barrier. This stops vital moisture from leaching out of the skin. Cotton in comparison sucks moisture straight from the skin leading to more dry skin that shows the signs of aging more easily.

    The easiest way to test this is to work with individuals who only sleep on one side. This is often due to an injury or other discomfort in the body. If they sleep on cotton pillowcases, then the side they sleep on will always look older than the other.

    This is easily prevented by the use of a silk pillowcase. It can also be further avoided by using silk eye masks which improve the appearance of lines and marks around the eyes while you sleep.

    The use of silk was of course restricted to the wealthy in ancient China and all the powerful women and princesses of ancient China would sleep in full silk sheets to preserve the beauty of their whole body!

    Wealthy men would also make use of a silk pillowcase as it does not create friction unlike cotton and so does not rip out hair while you sleep. This lack of friction also means women did not wake up with frizzy hair.

    Silk was and still is a natural beauty regime that can work over night while you sleep, it provides a touch of luxury in the bedroom and best of all feels fantastic!

    Always look for 19mome mulberry silk as this is the strongest and highest quality available.