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Pure Silk Gloves Fashionable Warm Comfortable Anti-Aging Protective Great Longevity Ideal Gift

Feel like something is missing even if you have color-coded your outfit well? At times, it takes just a single accessory to complete an ensemble, which in this case is this lovely pair of gloves from White Lotus. The design is simple but eye-catching, so not only do you get to be warm and comfy, but you also become a fashionista – sounds like a win-win, right?

Excellent Gift

White Lotus features these gloves in a variety of colors such as red, grey, black, and white. If you spend hours what to buy friends and family on birthdays and holidays, rest assured we made your job a lot easier.  The beautiful presentation box is an added bonus – whoever receives this gift will not stop thanking you!

Enhance Attire

What better way to highlight the outfit of your choice, thank wearing these silk gloves! Put on these gloves and watch how people compliment you on your amazing sense of style. Not only do they keep you warm, but they are remarkably chic and fashionable too.

Stay Warm

As mentioned, these gloves primarily keep you nice and warm when the weather turns chilly. You can wear them with several outfits whether they are formal or casual – either way the ensemble looks trendy and smart.

100% Pure Silk

Beware of cheaper versions of these gloves, because they are made using inferior materials, and tend to snag, tear, or get discolored after a few weeks. At White Lotus, we proudly vouch for the quality of silk, and can guarantee these gloves retain their shape and structure even if you use them on a regular basis.


Raw silk soothes skin conditions like redness, itching, and inflammation, by reducing symptoms. Studies regarding silk and eczema have generated positive results in modern times. These gloves are hypoallergenic and can be safely used by those suffering from eczema or dermatitis.

Tempted to buy these wonderful silk gloves? Don’t delay – place your order immediately. Just imagine what an amazing addition they will make to your collection of accessories. Go right ahead!

Why Buy the White Lotus Pure Silk Gloves?

  • Long-Lasting – Even if you use these gloves on a regular basis, they won’t tear or get ripped for a long time. You can safely machine wash them at 30°C using gentle silk detergent or hand wash. There is absolutely no discoloration, and you can continue enjoying the soft and supple feel against your skin.
  • Great Fit – They are stretchable and hence fit comfortably, while imparting a sophisticated aura. They are popularly used for outdoor activities such as biking and running due to their durability. Moreover, they are easy to wear, so you won’t have to waste time by struggling to put them or take off.
  • Functional - Clothes and accessories made of silk look incredible, but they do a fantastic job when it comes to protecting your hands from the cold. You feel warm and comfortable as the gloves tend to insulate your palms against the weather.
  • Anti-aging – These silk gloves are incorporated with anti-aging properties. Silk forms a natural barrier between the moisture on your palms and the fabric, so the skin doesn’t dry out, which leads to fewer wrinkles. Thus you can reduce visible signs of aging on your hands.
  • Robust – Silk draws moisture away from skin, so you can wear them during high intensity workouts or activities, so that there is no perspiration on your palms and they are warm and dry. You don’t get that cramped or sweaty feeling anymore! They are must-haves for women nowadays – you get to select the color of your choice from four amazing shades.

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Great Gift

I brought these for my wife and she loves them. She wears them to bed and also in the day, surprisingly she can use her phone with them on .

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