Jade Crystal Comb - Natural Chemical Free Crystal in a Signature Silk Lined Box

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Ancient Chinese Hair Combs of Distinction

  • Pure Class: For the individual who has everything, this comb is a jaw dropping addition
  • Silky Smooth: The cool, soft texture of the crystal stone glides and untangles the hair
  • Gua Sha: Often called a Gua Sha comb traditionally used to stimulate acupressure points for lush hair, firm skin and inner health
  • Bespoke Luxury: Carved from individual Jade stones, you can be assured no two combs are the same
  • Gorgeous Gift Box: The White Lotus Signature silk lined box makes this item a quality gift for a loved one
  • Body combing: This Gua sha comb can be used on the body to stimulate and circulate acupuncture points for firmer skin

Created From our famous line of Traditional Chinese Medicine Crystal tools, this precious comb will become a valuable addition to your beauty cabinet.

This beautiful crystal hair and body comb has existed in China for decades. Pure A grade Jade crystal that is not chemically treated has always been prized in china as the Queen of Stones - as valuable as gold.

Jade Comb

This  stunning Jade comb was traditionally called a Gua sha comb. The Chinese believe that using pure Jade crystal on the scalp and body not only helps stimulate acupressure points for health and wellbeing but also creates lovely silky smooth hair and skin, it is considered a beneficial practise to utilise in your daily grooming regime. A wonderful daily ritual that gives combing your hair and body a distinct luxury treatment.

The entire comb is hand carved painstakingly from a single luxury piece of pure natural untreated jade. It is an original piece of crystal artwork. Each Jade crystal comb is unique and hand picked from the most choice crystals to ensure it will truly impress. Carved by experienced crystal artisans.

Jade Massaging Comb

The comb is presented in a lovely white pure silk lined box, which makes a magical gift and storage box. Traditionally Jade was always kept in a silk lined box in China and many of the prestigious Women and Men from the ancient lineage of the emperors used Jade combs on their hair and body as a symbol of power,wealth and prestige.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view the scalp is lined with 12 main acupuncture channels and meridians, packed with acupressure points. By brushing the hair, body and scalp carefully these points can be activated and stimulated for wellbeing and health.

Jade Comb Scalp Massage

The hair in TCM represents the health of the Kidneys , Jing and the quality of the blood . The practise of using Gua sha combs of Pure crystal is a time longed Chinese tradition to benefit the hair so it appears healthy and luscious

Gua sha combs and crystal combs have never stopped being used because they are both exquisitely beautiful and very useful hair tools.

*Each comb is unique and varies in colour as they are hand carved from Individual Natural Jade.

All White Lotus Crystal Products come with
  • The unique Lifetime Guarantee with normal use
  • Dedicated Professional Support
  • Silk Lined Box for nurturing the roller between treatments
  • 30+ years for Professional Expertise

Always choose the crystal Comb you are most attracted to. White Lotus offers guidance as to the benefits of different types of crystal. This can help but a well made crystal beauty product will last you a lifetime so it is important to choose one that you will enjoy using for the rest of your life.

Dimensions of the Large Jade Comb without a handle

11cm long 6 wide As this product is hand carved slight variations may occur

Silk Lined Box
 19cm 11cm 4.5cm

Customer Reviews

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It is best for long hair like me. It is superior than I used ever. 5 stars for it.

Helena Mayfield
The ultimate comb

This has redefined my beauty routine. It is well packaged and feels so calm and soothing to touch. It gives the best scalp massage and I love using it.

My Daily Comb

Ever since I ordered this I have taken it with me on holiday and use it every day religiously. I absolutely love my Jade Comb, it just feels amazing in your hand, on your scalp and hair. I enjoy having me time.

It is a ritual!

I read about these online. I have very long hair and the idea of turning combing my hair from a chore to a ritual really appealed to me. The first time I used it I had to set the scene a little. A little music and force myself to actually shut myself away from the family for a few minutes. Sad that this felt so foreign but life is very busy. After a few days it seemed completely natural!. Now I look forward to using it every day. The comb itself does a good job. I was a bit nervous about this as I was not sure it would be practical but it passed this test with flying colours. I would definitely recommend trying it. I jsut noticed that there are 2 choices of comb. I bought the one without the handle FYI.

Pure Luxury

Love the product. I am actually really enjoying combing my hair for the first time in years.

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"I absolutely love using my derma roller from White Lotus, it has helped my scarring and it keeps my skin smooth and rejuvenated.”

Bethan Wright

"I only trust the white lotus genuine rose quartz crystal to de puff my face - i love the colour & aesthetic and the post application results are incredible”

Tallia Storm