Saw Palmetto and He Shou Wu Hair Loss Spray 50mL

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The Hair Restoration Spray combines natural herbal medicines that support thinning hair.

Whether you are suffering from male pattern baldness, a female going through the post pregnancy hair thinning period or just someone with brittle or generally thinning hair, the unique benefits of this spray will help you to kick start those hair follicles rapidly!

The Key Ingredients are

  • Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto and one of its key components Serenoa repens have been extensively researched for their ability to benefit a variety of different types of hair loss. One trial has noted an 11.9% increase in total hair growth over a 4 month period (1). Another study found that use of Serenoa repens for four weeks an increase of average hair count when examined 12 weeks later. The results continued to improve past the 24 week mark (2). A further study applied an extract of Seronoa repens to the scalps of individuals with Androgenetic alopecia or male patter baldness. 60% of the subjects reported an improvement during the limited time trial (3).
  • He Shou Wu: (Polygonum multiflorum Radix). This is a well known herb from the traditional medicine systems of China. Applied to the skin, He Shou Wu has been shown to support hair growth (4). It is believed it works by encouraging the SHH protein vital for hair growth.
  • Panax Ginseng: One of the most famous herbs throughout Asia its ability to assist hair loss has long been studied. One study has suggested that ginseng can increase both the hair density (hair /cm) and the hair thickness in patients with Alopecia areata (5). A further study, that ginsenosides the active components of ginseng can promote hair growth by a similar mechanism to minoxidil (6).

The key to the effectiveness of the White Lotus Hair Restoration spray is the synergistic combination of the herbs. Each produces its results by activating different mechanisms in the hair growth process. By combining improvement in multiple areas you increase the overall effectiveness of the spray.

Concentration of the herbs is also important. White Lotus use a 1:1 medical grade tincture concentration to ensure the highest possible level of the active components.

The tincture is produced in organic ethanol to make the tincture as gentle yet effective as possible.

All herbs used in the spray are safe to be taken orally. This has been done deliberately to ensure the product can be taken very safely and can be effectively combined with microneedling to increase its absorption.

Please see the White Lotus Hair Restoration Microneedling Kit to learn more about combining The Hair restoration spray with Microneedling.

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50mL pump spray (allowing you to cover large areas quickly) 

Certified Organic Ethanol base
Polygonum multiflorum – He Shou Wu: Hair
Panax ginseng – Ren Shen
Saw Palmetto 

1:1 Concentration

Made in Australia

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