Can You Use a Dermaroller During Pregnancy?

Can You Use a Dermaroller During Pregnancy?

People are of course keen to find out if they can continue to use skin needling for anti aging and other treatments but by far the main interest during pregnancy is in treating and preventing stretch marks.
Stretch marks are of course very common at this point as the stomach expands so this article principally concerns stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs but can also be applied to stretch marks on the breasts both during pregnancy and afterwards if breast feeding.
To start with dry needling is perfectly safe at any stage of both pregnancy and breast feeding. Dry needling is using a dermaroller without any other products applied to the skin (lotions, creams etc).
This is a great way to reduce the occurrence of stretch marks as they occur. If you are able to treat the stretch marks when they are red rather than later when they turn white you will usually have quicker results.
This is also a fantastic way to quickly recover your skin after the birth and help the skin tighten more rapidly.
As most of these stretch marks are located on the thighs and abdomen and are usually quite thick we recommend a 1.0mm derma roller. You can use your existing 0.5mm if you have one but the results can be a little slower.
The treatments should be performed 2 weeks apart for best effect with a minimum of 6 treatments. As with all skin needling it takes a full 3-6 months to see the full effects of the treatment.
A special mention should be made of caesarean scars at this point. These can be treated very effectively but we recommend you get your doctors all clear for this as even though the outer skin may have healed there may still be some internal damage and it is best to be sure you are fully healed medically before focusing on any cosmetic treatment.
We are often asked why we don't recommend the use of the White Lotus serums during pregnancy when they are such safe natural products? The reason is simple although all our serums are organic and in fact safe to be taken orally they have not undergone a separate stage 3 clinical trial.
For any drug to be considered safe for application to pregnant women it must have undergone a large clinical trial (at least 3,000 people) conducted exclusively on pregnant women. Although it is hard to argue that our serums are drugs, skin needling is actually a common way of delivering medical substances. For this reason we err on the side of extreme caution and don't recommend that any products are used with micro needling during pregnancy.
It is worth mentioning here that despite some claims we see on other websites there is of course no skin needling serum or cream on the market that has undergone this type of clinical trial on pregnant women so any claims it is completely safe should be viewed with extreme caution.
Babies are too precious!
After the birth and you finish breast feeding is the best time to really get stuck into those stretch marks with the right serums and improve their appearance. The White Lotus Stretch mark pack is ideal at this stage to help you.
We hope this article is of use for those planning or currently pregnant.

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